President’s Message

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Summer 2019

President’s Report, By Willis Deline

Greetings fellow Trappers,

As I write this article trapping season has just finished and I hope that you all had a safe and productive season. It won’t be long until it is back again and I am already looking forward to it.

This winter has been extremely busy for your OFMF office and board members. Things never seem to slow down as we always have a new battle that we must face.

On behalf of the executive board I am thrilled to tell you that we have a new 3 year contract with the MNRF to continue to provide the services we have done for the last 23 years with pride. I would like to thank Minister Yakabuski and Minister Fedeli for the announcement of our contract and their kind words towards our industry. It was very rewarding as a trapper for the government to truly believe in us and support and invest in our rich heritage and believe in what we are so proud of. A special thanks to our office staff and executive board for all their hard work and dedication on this. I personally thank you.

On behalf of the entire board I would like to send a sincere and big thank you to Paul Arkwright and Dave Heyblom for all of their contributions and hard work to the OFMF board and the trappers of this province. You are both remarkable people and a true attribute to the trapping industry. I also would like to welcome Bill Trudeau as the new assistant director for Zone 5A and Shaun Meehan as your new Director for Zone 8B. Both Bill and Shaun have recently been appointed to the board and we thank you both for your dedication to trapping and stepping up to the plate.

Our booth was recently at the Ottawa cottage life show helping to educate the public on trapping, what we do, and our role in the eco system. I would like to thank Ted Anderson and his group of volunteers for their time at the show and educating the public.

I would like to encourage trappers to join their local trapper’s council to stay informed and up to date and give your feedback to your OFMF director that is there at many of your meetings. Communication is key.

As you know, OFMF is always fighting for your rights to keep doing what we love to do, so please if any issue arises or anything happens to you (big or small) please report your issues to your director so we are in the loop and can be prepared to deal with whatever may arise.

Don’t forget to mark this year’s Convention on the calendar. It is August 23, 24th in Goderich and will mark our 25th anniversary. Can’t wait to be there and celebrate our special year.

Yours in Trapping