Licencing Fees

Trapping Licence – $39.55

  • All Head Trapper Licences are full-price at $39.55 per year.
  • All Private Land Licences are full-price at $39.55 per year (regardless of the amount of licenses purchased per person).

2nd Trapping Licence – $16.95

  • This fee is only for Helper Licences purchased after a full-price licence has been bought for the year. If you only have one licence and it is a Helper Licence on a trapline, it will be full-price as it is your primary licence.

Youth Licence – $16.95


  1. Thomas is purchasing a private land licence for one area, and a helper licence to help a head trapper on a registered trapline. Thomas will pay $39.55 for his private land licence, and $16.95 for his helper licence.
  2. Beverly is purchasing two helper licences this year. She will be helping head trappers on two different traplines. Beverly will pay $39.55 for one of the helper licences–as everyone pays for one full-price licence for the year, no matter the licence type–and she will pay $16.95 for the second helper licence.
  3. Robert is purchasing three private land licences to trap in a few different areas. Robert will pay $39.55 three times because all private land licences are full-price.

Note: If you prefer, you may send us an e-transfer for payment.

Contact Info

New/Additional/Changed Trapping licences MUST be obtained by submitting completed application forms (already signed by the MNRF) to:


Phone: (705) 254-3338
Fax: (705) 254-3297

Harvest Report

It is important to remember to fill out the Harvest Report that comes attached to your trapping licence. Reports are due by June 10th every year, and are required to be signed and dated with any harvested/sold/kept on hand/self-tanned fur reported.

Additional Info

In order to keep your licencing up to date, you are required to purchase at least one Ontario Trapping Licence within a span of five years. If you go over five years, you are ineligible to obtain a trapping licence until you retake the Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation course and become re-certified again.

All applications for new trapping licences or when a trapper requests to trap in a new area require Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry authorization. Licences as head trappers on Registered Traplines (crown land) are issued as vacancies occur, and according to set procedures (point system). Those wishing to trap on private land (generally in more southern parts of Ontario) will require the permission of the landowner before a licence can be issued. For information, please contact OFMF or a District/Area office of the MNRF located in the area you wish to trap in.

The following licences are obtained from the MNRF office (NOT from the OFMF office).

Farmer’s Licence to Sell Pelts or Carcasses – No Cost
Fur Dealer’s Licence to Buy or Sell Pelts – $39.63
Fur Dealer’s Licence to Tan Pelts – $39.63
Raccoon Night Hunters Licence – $16.50
Licence to Possess a Pelt – No Cost
Fur Export Licence ($ royalty fee)
Licence to Send Pelts to a Tanner ($ royalty fee)