See below for a list of past winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the Charlie Brindley Award. These are announced every year at our Annual General Meeting. If you would like to nominate a trapper for either of these awards, please click HERE and download the nomination forms (the last 2 in the list). Forms need to be received at our office by July 15th of each year. 

Year               Charlie Brindley Award                            Lifetime Achievement Award

1998              Murray Monk                                             N/A

1999              Howard Noseworthy                               N/A

2000              Rolly Coulombe                                         Bill Bompas

2001              Gary Reid                                                     Harry Davis

2002              Mark Downey                                            Adelard Lavoie

2003              Ken Moxam                                                 Charles (Jack) Johnson

2004              Larry Reeve                                                 John Deshane

2005              Yvon Arsenault                                          Bernie Veinot

2006              Arthur Dussault                                         Walter Tonelli

2007              Verle Barfoot                                             Jack Noble

2008              Robin Horwath                                          Murray Monk

2009              Dwaine Brown                                           Lloyd Anderson

2010              Wayne Sedore                                           Ken and Winnie Fralick

2011              Dave Meyers                                              Kitty Lewis

2012              Phil Tamlin                                                  Elaine Wilson

2013              Wilfred Deline                                           Clifford Burtch

2014              Paul Arkwright                                           Gerald Watson

2015              Mark Deans                                               Wayne Huber

2016              Andre Chartrand                                       Max Clement

2017              Laurie Whyte                                              Carson Thompson

2018              William (Bill) Russell                               Gary Reid

2019              Gord Johnson                                             Paul Arkwright

2020                     N/A                                                       Adam Zarecki

2021             Tom Eastman                                             William Hutchinson