All individuals (11 and up) who have not trapped in the past, or who have not renewed their licence over a 5-year period, are required by legislation to take the Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation Course in order to obtain a trapping licence in Ontario. This 40-hour course is taught by trained MNRF/OFMF certified Trapper Education Instructors in all areas of Ontario. The majority of courses run between the months of September to April, which coincides with trapping season. The cost of the course is dependent on the costs incurred by the instructor, with the maximum charge being $350.00. Included in the cost is the Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation Course Manual (which is also sold separately through the OFMF office). At the end of the course, each student will be subjected to a written and practical field examination. The minimum grade required to pass is 80% for each examination.

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Once you have successfully completed the course, the following procedure is required:

  1. Complete the Ontario Trapping Licence Application. Include a copy of your course papers or the certificate showing that you passed the course (the certificate is sent to you after the instructor submits the results of the course to the OFMF office). Also include either a permission letter from the head trapper that you will be trapping under OR a completed Landowner Agreement Form with permissions from the land owner(s) that you will be trapping for.
  2. Send these documents and your Ontario Outdoors Card to the MNRF office in the area in which you will be trapping. They will review and authorize your application, allotting you a trapping number and any quotas necessary. See below for MNRF contact information.
  3. Once the authorization is obtained from the MNRF, please email, fax, or mail your application form with a cheque, money order, or credit card number to the OFMF office. If you plan to use a credit card for payment, do not email us your credit card number; please call. Your licence will then be issued and mailed out.

In addition to all three steps, new youth trappers are required by the MNRF to fill out and submit a Letter of Consent Youth Mentor Form along with your Ontario Trapping Licence Application, your course papers, and your letter from a head trapper OR Landowner Agreement Form. Youth are not required to have an Ontario Outdoors Card until they turn 16.

Please note these steps above are only necessary for new trappers. If you are renewing your licence in each succeeding year and have complied with MNRF regulations (i.e. submitting your Mandatory Season End Harvest Report to OFMF on June 10th of every year), you will only need to complete the renewal on the back of the harvest report, attach necessary fees and send it directly to the OFMF office for renewal.

We encourage seasoned trappers, as well as persons who do not intend to apply for a trapping licence but are interested in furbearing mammals and their management, to take the Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation Course. Regulations and standards are ever-changing, and there are always new tips and tricks to learn about!

**Please note that North Bay MNRF Office has moved to 875 Gormanville Rd, North Bay ON, P1B 8G3 as of July 23rd 2021.